Paint, canvas and inspiration

Choosing a painting to have in your home is a very personal thing; what one person loves, another hates! Putting a picture on a wall in your home should be more than decoration – it needs to add something – and stand you looking at it day after day, without becoming bored.

You’ll find a range of different styles and approaches as Angela Reynolds takes you on a journey of discovery. From the energy and movement of large oil colours to smaller more gentle pieces in pastel, there is something to please everyone.

Each new piece can be found in the recent works gallery, whilst a selection of earlier works are also available and change as sales are made and new ideas are explored.

Like most artists Angela paints objects and scenes that interest her and about which she has curiosity – and also things that reflect her joie de vivre!

Angela invites you to choose a painting that resonates with you and complements your home. A good picture will not only provide a focal point, but will give you pleasure as you discover new aspects every time you look at it.

View the latest additions to the gallery

The artist in her studio in France